Chicago hosts skateboarding competition this weekend

PHOTO: Paul Rodriguez is one of the skate boarders who’ll be competing on Sunday. | PHOTO COURTESY STREET LEAGUE SKATEBOARDING

Skateboarding no longer is just a bunch of kids looking for a spot to practice their flatbar.

(That’s a rail on a downward stairway or incline. Anyone who walked to the CTA or Metra stations right after rush hour can remember kids trying to perfect this move, right?)

Anyway, the Super Crown World Championship of the sport is taking place on Sunday (Oct. 4) at the UIC Pavilion. The qualifying competitions have been taking place across the country. Now the top eight in the men’s and women’s divisions will descend on the Pavilion with the goal of earning the top prize.

Street League Skateboarding was the brainchild of professional skate boarder Rob Dyrdek. He decided in 2010 to get the sport the recognition and respect it deserved. Because when you watch these pros, you realize the agility and talent needed to achieve what they do.

The doors open at 1:15 p.m., and you’ll get to see both sets of contenders first practice and then compete. Get tickets here.

Sounds like a fun afternoon!