‘Gamebreakers’ DVD aims to improve football players’ fitness

This isn’t the usual type of fitness DVD that I do, but that’s OK. Student football players and their teams could find it very helpful.

It’s called “The Gamebreakers: It’s All in the Hands” (Gamebreakersdvds.com, $19.99). Two very recognizable names — Cris Carter and Jake Reed — take players through a series of warmups, drills and routes. These are two guys who know what they’re talking about: Carter — who played for the Eagles, Vikings and Dolphins — is in the NFL Hall of Fame and Reed played for the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints.

gamebreakersdvd cover

As they lead the young players in the video through different moves, they offer advice, explaining why to position the feet a certain way or, for instance, the importance of catching the ball in front of you and not with your palms. (If I’d known some of this I’m pretty sure I would not be the klutz I am with any type of ball.)

OK, it’s confession time: I always wanted to join in the exercises that my kid’s grammar school football team would do at practice. What a workout, what a great way to improve coordination! Since he would have died from embarrassment I never did. Ah, but with this DVD, I could do some of the exercises here (high knees, forward lunges, butt kicks, etc.) in the privacy of my living room (now THAT would be some amusing video). Loved it!

But I digress.

Any football team or player wanting to improve their game surely could benefit from this DVD.