Fundraiser to help new Peterson Garden community kitchen

So many who are into wellness — myself included — like to tell others to cook for themselves.

Peterson Garden Project set out to do more than just pass along that message. After teaching people how to grow their own food through its community gardens, it also wanted to teach people how to cook what they grew.

The not-for-profit kept its promise, and in 2014 opened its Fearless Food Kitchen in the Broadway Armory Park building in Edgewater, where it’s offering, among other things, classes that focus on fresh and home-grown seasonal produce.

On Saturday (Jan. 31) there will be a grand opening and fundraiser — Dig In Neighbors — for the 3,000-square foot community cooking school. Nine Chicago chefs will be cooking for the event. They include Joe Frillman (Balena), Dave Miller (Baker Miller), Brad Newman & Michael Taormina (Cookies & Carnitas), Patty Neumson (Herb Restaurant), Chris Pandel (Balena, The Bristol and Formento’s), Amanda Rockman (Nico Osteria), Erling Wu-Bower (Nico Osteria)and Alvin Yu (Fyusion Dining). But they are doing more than just cooking great food; each will be preparing a dish that tells the story of how they were first inspired to start cooking.

Wine and cocktails for the evening will be handle by Tangley Oaks. Music for the evening will be provided by The Uptown Strings.

Proceeds from the evening will continue to help Peterson Garden Project teach people how to grow and cook their own food. Great mission, huh?

It begins at 6 p.m. at the Armory, which is at 5917 N. Broadway. Tickets are $125 each and there are a variety of other purchase options as well. To buy tickets, go here.