Heading somewhere warm? Check out the CoolBag

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thinking I should have planned a vacation somewhere warm and sunny for this winter.

Kudos to those of you who didn’t just dream about it, but actually booked a trip. This post’s for you. For the rest of us, we can think about using this product once summer rolls around in Chicago.

It’s called the CoolBag, and it’s a great idea if you’re going to be heading soon to a pool or beach somewhere. (Boy, that sounds good. Sigh.)

Because what’s always your No. 1 concern? How to keep your valuables safe, right? Especially when you’re on vacation in unfamiliar surroundings, you don’t want to leave your things unattended.

Enter the CoolBag. It’s a cotton canvas bag that has a locking handle and combination zipper. No one can get into it and rifle through your belongings. Then there are two sets of handles that look like those on any other bag. One is the typical stitched-in handle, but the other is a security cable. This lets you lock the bag to, say, a lounge chair. Now you can take a dip in the pool without having to worry someone’s going to walk off with your stuff.

Pretty cool, huh?

It comes in a variety of fun colors — including Tahiti Turquoise, Puerto Rico Purple — as well as black (well, with a CoolBag, that’s Bermuda Black). The CoolBag is 24x14x6 inches, making it roomy enough to hold all your by-the-water needs, yet because it’s cotton canvas, the bag is a lightweight 3½ pounds.

Learn more about it here.

TOP PHOTO: The CoolBag