McDonalds engineered bubble gum-flavored broccoli for kids


After reporting a significant decline in profits earlier this year, fast food chain McDonalds is trying everything to lure customers who are looking for healthier options for themselves and their children.

Among their updates were smaller servings of fries for kids, a redesigned milk carton, and bubble gum-flavored broccoli, according to Business Insider. Needless to say, kids who tried the candy-tasting vegetable were confused, McDonalds CEO Don Thompson said at a recent event.

So, no, the broccoli is not for sale.

Thompson also claimed the company sells more salads than any other chain restaurant.

In the meantime, it seems McDonalds is doing what it can to show consumers their food is safe and, well, real. They launched a campaign last month aimed at proving the quality of beef in the patties. They even brought in Grant Imahara of MythBusters to answer your questions about McDonalds’ food.

What would the behind-the-scenes look like for the broccoli?