Need work lunch ideas? Check out Bon Appetit’s tips

Despite your best intentions, lunch time can be a tricky moment when you are trying to eat healthy.

You’re at work, and if you didn’t pack something to bring with you, you’re stuck with the overpriced, mayo-slathered sandwiches or the wilted-lettuce-and-mystery-chicken salad in the refrigerator case.

Bon Appetit magazine is here to save you: A recent issue focused on well-balanced and interesting lunches that can be prepared ahead of time — even days ahead — in an effort to save you money and calories while you dine at your desk (or nearby).

The article suggests making a few things at night, like a whole grain, or some toasted chickpeas, to toss into a bowl before work with greens, a dressing, some cheese and a leftover protein. You could make the grain and protein for dinner, and then throw in the other stuff to change it up for next day’s lunch.

Here’s a bowl that sounds pretty good: Cooked freekeh (an ancient grain), some of those chickpeas mentioned above, shaved fennel, roasted cherry tomatoes, jarred pepperoncini, parmesan and parsley with a lemon vinaigrette. It’s definitely more interesting and filling than a salad, and a good way to use up some leftovers.

Check out Bon Appetit’s suggestions and recipes here, as well as some other tips for packing an adult lunch.